Lecture at the Dalian University

Lecture at the Dalian University

(Written by Marlies)

I was invited by mr. Shi Feng to give a lecture about my work at the Dalian University. The university is in the area of the Big Black mountain where we earlier visited the Dalian art college. After a quick (very quick) tour through the university we went to the office of mr. Shi Feng to have some tea and talk a bit. Mr. Shi gave me some books about his works and a very special Chinese tea. After drinking tea it was time for the lecture.

About 150 students were attending the event. Vivian had the great responsibility to translate. I spoke about my artworks and in what way my work is conceptual. Because the concept of installation art is not very common in China I also wanted to talk about the concept installations and the importance of the surroundings to my work. Afterwards the students could asked questions. They were very interested in the reasons why I make art and why I make art in this way.


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