Alain Poussot

Alain Poussot

In his artwork Alain Poussot (born 1978 in Zurich, Switzerland) has a personal take on the various aspects of daily life. In small refined drawings, large colorful paintings on canvases, installations and three-dimensional works he handles incisive moments in his life depicted by either very silent or outrageous humour.

Society, stardom, sexuality, illness and death are returning topics in his artworks. Thereby without reservation he is making references to his own person, family and friends. Faced with philosophical questions he shows a great talent in combining picture and words – leaving viewers desperate, hopeful or simply puzzled.

Music, sound and video are other forms of expressions which Alain Poussot manages to blend. Elaborated technical installations allow viewers to interact with his artwork. In his recent video installation “The KISS”, he playfully refers to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, wherein viewers play the crucial part.

Alain Poussot lives and works in Greng, Switzerland. In 2012, he has received the “Kunstschub Preis” and, 2006, the Ernest Manganel Award.

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